If you are installing for the first time, you need to download and run the installer. Otherwise you can simply overwrite your old eternity.exe with the executable.



Users are encouraged to build their own binaries. The source can be checked out using git and the following command:

git clone

Client-server work is done on the client-server branch; to switch to this branch, run:

git checkout client-server

in the main eternity folder.

Linux users can follow the instructions in the README-CMAKE.txt file. Windows users can follow the instructions in the README-CODEBLOCKS.txt file. Of course these are not the only ways to build EECS, just the easiest.


(This section is for those compiling from source only)

EECS has several dependencies, and rather than add them all to the codebase or expect users to find/compile them on their own, we’ve pre-built them for several platforms. These pre-built dependencies are located here. If your platform is not listed there, please consider downloading the source distribution, using the script to build them, and sending them to me so I can update the repository.