D2K is an advanced Doom source port that aims to modernize the game while remaining faithful to the original implementation. It is based on PrBoom+.

Getting Started

Download or build a D2K version for your platform, place an IWAD in the installation folder, and then run doom2k.exe -net <host>:<port>. Connection is currently a manual process, but eventually D2K will include a server browser.

You can also start a server similarly, simply use all the command-line flags you normally would, but add -deltaserve to the arguments. If you need to listen on a specific address, you can use doom2k.exe ... -deltaserve <host>:<port>.

If you get into any trouble at all, please see the FAQ. While we’re happy to help, you’re likely to get a fix for your issue much more quickly by using the information there than by waiting for us.

Reporting Bugs

The issue tracker is where we keep track of problems in D2K, but it is also useful for feature requests. Reporting bugs is simple; there is a bug tracker, all you need to do is create an account. Here are some guidelines for effective bug/feature posting:

  • Give as much information as you possibly can.
  • Use descriptive titles.
  • Be precise and specific.
  • Set label appropriately:
    • Bug: Incorrect behavior
    • Enhancement: New feature
  • Use an email address that you check.
  • If you can run a debugger, please post stack traces.

If more than a few days go by and no one’s touched your bug or talked to you about it, please email charles.gunyon@gmail.com. The bug tracker is not where bugs and ideas go to die, it’s a list of things for the TT team to fix so we don’t forget them.